So I have to start all over with my disability. Why? Because my former docs office was a bunch of idiots. None of my tests were signed off by a doc, just a nurse. (And I’m not putting nurses down, my sister is a nurse and she agreed.)
So, after 5 years of this crap I have to start over. This time I’m going about it smarter. I hired the best attorney in my area. One of his associates is helping me. Cross the T’s and dot the i’s. So I’m hoping and praying this works out this time.
Now I just have to make it almost 2 years with no income. No stress there. Nope.
My doc is doing all he can to help me, which does take some stress off me. My kids are doing all they can as well. And so are my friends. But there is only so much they can do, ya know?
Now we play the waiting game. I’m not known for my over abundance of patience. Goddess, I pray You’ll help me out with that.


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